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Top 5 Whistler Indoor Activities For Families On A Rainy Day

Rainy Day with Kids

Rain or shine, Whistler is an excellent place to be in the summer. We’ve put together a list of the best indoor activities in Whistler to keep kids and adults entertained on those rainy days or when you need a day to rest from hiking or biking. Make the most our of your Whistler vacation and take a note of all the various events happening around town!

1. Meadow Park Indoor Pool

[icon style=”link” color=”blue”]Meadow Park Sports Centre[/icon]
[icon style=”addressbook” color=”blue”]8625 Highway 99, Whistler[/icon]
[icon style=”phone” color=”blue”](604) 935-7529[/icon]
[icon style=”multiuser” color=”blue”]All Day Pass $12.50 Adult | $7.50 Youth | $6.50 Child | $24.75 Family[/icon]

[image source_type=”attachment_id” source_value=”6317″ align=”right” size=”small”] One of the best activities for the whole family on a rainy day is to head over to Meadow Park Sports Centre for some indoor fun in the water. The building is located 3 km North of Whistler Village, and features a six-lane lap pool with rope swing, 8-ft slide and a basketball net. Kids can play in the whirlpool, lazy river, and sprouting bears while the adults relax in the hot tub, steam room and sauna nearby. The facility also features an ice hockey rink, and a fully equipped fitness centre – everyone can get active whatever the weather outside may be! [Photo: Flickr/USAG-Humphreys]


2. Bounce Whistler

[icon style=”link” color=”blue”]Bounce Whistler[/icon]
[icon style=”addressbook” color=”blue”]100-1055 Millar Creek Rd, Whistler[/icon]
[icon style=”phone” color=”blue”](604) 938-4567[/icon]
[icon style=”multiuser” color=”blue”]2 Hour Session – $15.00, Special Access – $23.00[/icon]

[image source_type=”attachment_id” source_value=”6322″ align=”left” size=”small”] Bounce Acrobatic Academy, is a short 12-minute drive from Whistler Village, and is Whistler’s only indoor trampoline park. The facility caters to all ages, boasting 12 different trampolines, including the Olympic String Bed Trampolines and the Supertramp. One of the most surprisingly fun activities to do in Whistler on a rainy day, the whole family can swing on ropes, take an acrobatic dive into the foam pits and bounce like a human pogo stick. If you’re taking public transit from Whistler Village, take the #1 or #2 bus towards Function Junction. [Photo: Flickr/Camp of Champions]


3. Indoor Climbing

[icon style=”link” color=”blue”]Whistler’s The Core Indoor Climbing[/icon]
[icon style=”addressbook” color=”blue”]4010 Whistler Way, Whistler[/icon]
[icon style=”phone” color=”blue”](604) 905-7625[/icon]
[icon style=”multiuser” color=”blue”]Drop-in $18 Adult, $15.00 Youth | Rental Package $9.00 [/icon]

[image source_type=”attachment_id” source_value=”6327″ align=”right” size=”small”] There are several advantages artificial walls can offer compared to outdoor rock climbing. The biggest advantage is being able to climb rocks all year round, without having to tackle the unpredictable elements of nature such as rain and cold. Whistler’s only indoor wall climbing facility is located right in the middle of Whistler Village, and boast a nice 5500 square-foot (1676.4 meters) indoor rock climbing wall for all skill levels. The core offers various kids programs and group activities for the little ones, and one-on-one sessions for more personalized learning. [Photo: Flickr/Jon]


4. Whistler Bike Park Air Dome

[icon style=”link” color=”blue”]Whistler Blackcomb AirDome Indoor Biking[/icon]
[icon style=”addressbook” color=”blue”]Lot 8 on Blackcomb Mountain[/icon]
[icon style=”phone” color=”blue”](604) 296-5316[/icon]
[icon style=”multiuser” color=”blue”]3 Hour Session $19.05[/icon]

[image source_type=”attachment_id” source_value=”6329″ align=”left” size=”small”] The Air Dome is an 8,400 square foot covered indoor bike training facility located in Lot 8 on Blackcomb Mountain. A three-hour pass will give you access to jump progressions from 2′ high jump ramps to 26′ Quarter Pipes on the facility’s wooden ramps. The facility caters to almost everyone but ask that children aged 5-12 years old be accompanied by a parent/guardian. Whether you ride Slopestyle, Dirt Jump, Downhill or BMX, this indoor bike park will be able to accommodate your riding style. A limited number of rentals are also available. [Photo: Flickr/Dai Williams]


5. Whistler Museum

[icon style=”link” color=”blue”]Whistler Museum[/icon]
[icon style=”addressbook” color=”blue”]4333 Main Street, Whistler[/icon]
[icon style=”phone” color=”blue”](604) 932-2019[/icon]
[icon style=”multiuser” color=”blue”]Family $20.00, Adult $7.00, Youth $4.00, Children under 6 are FREE[/icon]

[image source_type=”attachment_id” source_value=”6330″ align=”right” size=”small”] Come down to the Whistler Museum for a highly interactive take at Whistler’s rich history. Hear stories from the small town of Whistler’s humble beginning, to the grandest honor of hosting the 2010 Winter Olympic Games. The children are sure to be entertained with activity books and a tickle trunk among other workshops. The best part? Bring home amazing lasting memories such as having a photo with a real Olympic torch. The museum is perfect for a rainy day activity in Whistler, especially if you’re on a budget. [Photo: Whistler Museum Facebook Page]

Whistler is a beautiful place no matter what the weather is. These activities are only some of our top favorites, but there are so many more other places spa’s to visit and restaurants to try on a rainy Whistler day. offers Whistler accommodation options that will definitely add that so-cozy-feels-like-home experience to your Whistler vacation. Visit for your Whistler accommodation needs. Rentals

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