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Sun Peaks Resort to Groom Early as Snow Cats Arrive for Snowfall

Snowcats getting ready at Sun Peaks

Sun Peaks Resort looks to take advantage of the early snowfall this season with the arrival of two new large Snow Cats. The Snow Cats are designed to groom and design ski runs on Sun Peaks Mountain for all skiers to enjoy in the ski season.

Large and distinctive, the grooming Snow Cat machines have the ability to both drive and groom the snow simultaneously. The plow on the front of the machine allows them to push and move snow around with ease to create a safe and manageable series of runs for the mountain operators.

Thrilling Snow Cat Rides Available At Sun Peaks Resort

Not only are the Snow Cat machines important for the preparation of the mountain, they can also act as a great tourist attraction for guests staying at Sun Peaks. The machines only operate in the evenings and provide an interesting look at how the mountain is prepared.

For anyone interested in booking a Snow Cat ride, they can book it through guest services at Sun Peaks Resort.

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