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Speed Skiing World Cup Returns To Sun Peaks Resort

Speed Skiing at Sun Peaks

Running now for over 20 years, the FIS Speed Ski World Cup returns to Sun Peaks next week. Over 50 skiers and racers from around the world will be competing at the Sun Peaks Resort’s Headwalls Speed Skiing track from Feb. 28 to March. 3rd. The Sun Peaks event for the FIS Speed Ski World Cup is the only North American race and only event outside of Europe.

Skiers can expect to reach speeds of 170 km/h (105 mph) in a matter of eight seconds as they speed down the track at Sun Peaks resort. Oddly, with a record speed of 177.21 km/h, the Sun Peaks speed skiing course is by no means the fastest on the FIS World Cup circuit. The FIS and Sun Peaks make up for the slower speed skiing course by evolving the complexity of the blind rolls that presents unique challenges to the racers.


Speed Skiing at Sun Peaks Resort.

Although the thrilling adrenalin rush is over in less than a minute, the speed that a human being can catch while in a tucked position with a special racing helmet is what attracts fans from all over Europe to this fascinating winter sport. With this event being the only one in North America, don’t miss out on your chance to skiers from around the world fly down Sun Peaks in this one-of-a-kind display of human speed.

Spectators and skiers can also start the festivities early at the Bottom’s Bar and GrillSpeed Freak Week” where you can purchase $20 tickets for a burger and three beers in support of the Sun Peaks Speed Skiing Club. The Sun Peaks Speed Skiing Club (a non-profit group) is the host of the 2013 Sun Peaks FIS Speed Ski World Cup.

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