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Search for Lost GoPro Camera on Whistler Blackcomb Following Tragic Death

Search for missing GoPro on Whistler Blackcomb

The Whistler community is launching its support to organize a search for a lost GoPro camera on Whistler Blackcomb following the tragic and unexpected passing an Australian man’s girlfriend. The couple, Matt Lorraway and Rebecca Ware, recently traveled to Whistler from Feb. 3 to 17th where the couple lost their GoPro camera in the Creekside area of Whistler Blackcomb. Rebecca Ware, 23 years old, was tragically diagnosed with leukemia the night the couple arrived back in Queenstown, Australia. Rebecca passed away five days later.

Missing Whistler Blackcomb GoPro Search Planned for July

Search for missing GoPro in WhistlerA frequent visitor to Whistler, Matt Lorraway wanted to share his love of Whistler and the mountain lifestyle with his girlfriend. The couple’s friend, Amy MacArthur has turned to Facebook to rally awareness around the tragic events and recovering the memories from the lost camera. She has created a Facebook page that describes the camera as a GoPro with a Monster energy drink sticker on the back.

According to Ms. MacArthur, Mr. Lorraway is fairly certain that he lost the GoPro in the Creekside area of Whistler Blackcomb while riding down the mountain on a snowmobile. However, he is unsure of exactly when the camera fell off. As a result, one of our Facebook Fans has set up a Facebook event to search for the missing GoPro in July after the melting of the winter snowfall. The search is going to focus on seven Whistler Blackcomb trails, including:

  • Pony Trail
  • Porcupine
  • Upper Whiskey Jack
  • Papoose
  • Bear Cub
  • Expressway
  • Lower Olympic

However, if someone is fortunate enough to find it in the next couple of months, please contact Amy at If you’re planning to stay in Whistler during early July and are interested in looking for the camera, contact Daniel or Amy on the Facebook page for the event.

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