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Holiday Rental Homes Have Changed Vacations to ‘Live Like a Local’

Skiers Group in Whistler BC

In the past four years, vacation travel has changed significantly because of the global economic recession and the new trends that travelers, like you, are seeking. Travelers are now looking for a richer, more authentic experience of the destinations they’re traveling to, essentially trying to live like the locals.

What’s Our Personal Experience?

In our case, we find that you want to experience the nature and local lifestyle that our serviced mountain resorts offer, including all the outdoor activities. However, because of the economic concerns, you’ve become a much thriftier and savvy traveler looking to get the most value out of your holiday rental budget. For couples, families, and large groups, holiday rentals of private vacation homes have become the new way of saving on accommodation expenses in order to enjoy the local resort activities, especially in places like Whistler, Mont Tremblant & Big White.

Winter CabinYou as a traveler may not be spending less on your overall vacation costs, but you’re reallocating where you spend your money to maximize the enjoyment of your holiday. For instance, we have private vacation rentals by owner in Whistler for as low as $30 per night in the summer months. Compared to the lowest cost of a hotel in Whistler’s summer months of approximately $80 per night, that is a significant savings over a week or weekend that provides the opportunity to enjoy other Whistler activities such as ZipTrek Ecotours or Whistler Glacier hikes.

Whether you use or another online VRBO/owner direct property marketplace, renting private vacation condos, cabins, chalets or even large houses allows you to enjoy the adventurous activities Whistler and other mountain resorts offer. Check out the alluraDirect properties available today!

Renting VRBO Properties can also provide luxury comforts…

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  • Self-serve laundry services.
  • Free-Internet (Offered by over 50% of alluraDirect properties).
  • Cook your own food in a full kitchen or BBQ on the deck.
  • Comfortable living and seating areas.
  • Extra room and storage.
  • Properties can be off the beaten path, allowing you to enjoy the local nature and outdoor environment.


The biggest factor vacation rentals offer for anyone is the ability to get the most ‘bang for the buck’. Enjoy the activities in Whistler or in our other mountain resorts and feel like you got the most authentic local experience our owners love to share.

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