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Jumbo Glacier Ski Area Designated Mountain Resort Municipality

Glacier Mountain

British Columbia is one step closer to having one more amazing location for skiers and snowboarders to put on their radar. The Jumbo Glacier ski area in BC, bordering Alberta, has been designated a ‘Mountain Resort Municipality‘ which provides the location with a stronger legal status.

Glacier MountainThe proposed mountain ski destination would have a 1715 meter vertical in the winter and 700 meter vertical in the summer, making this the only year-around ski area located in North America and one of only three resorts worldwide. With four glacier ski areas, the plan is to have around 20 operational ski lifts to facilitate sporting enthusiast from around the world.

The proposal for the Jumbo Glacier resort first appeared over 20 years ago, but hasn’t been able to get approval, this status designation is a step forward to make it a reality.

The closest town to Jumbo Glacier would be Invermere. The top lift height would be the highest in Canada and one of the top 20 highest in North America. While still in the infancy stage of the process, Jumbo Glacier will also have opposition from local environmentalists regarding the remote location for grizzly bears. With an estimated cost of around $450 million, the first step would be to break ground and develop the access roads to the build site; there is no projected date for the start of the Jumbo Glacier project.

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