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Increase Property Bookings with Cheap Flight Research and Deals

Attracting guests by advertising discount flights

Travel is not cheap and airfare is generally the most expensive part of any vacation trip depending on the length of the stay.  A great tip to help increase potential travelers to visit your region or stay at your holiday property is the availability of cheap flights to your region. Helping guests find good deals for affordable flights to Whistler, Sun Peaks, Big White, or Mont Tremblant is a great extension of your valuable hospitality service.

Discounted Airfare Get More People Traveling…

Let’s face it, when flights become more affordable, more people travel. Providing past guests or potential new guests with cheap airline deals during the peak season or off-season of any mountain resort town can be an incentive to remain at the top of a guests mind to book your property.

HipMunk and Kayak DealsFor vacation rental owners, two great tools you can use to find cheap flights is Hipmunk or Kayak. Hipmunk, although a little newer than most sites, provides a great interface for those wanting to research flights based on price overlaid on a time-based grid of when the planes leave.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for specials on cheap flights to your region without specific dates, then the Kayak Explore feature is a great way to research flights for advertising purposes.

How To Increase Property Bookings With Cheap Flights…

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  • Check Kayak Explore at least once a month to research the cheapest airfare to your vacation rental destination (and from the departing cities).
  • Do you have a blog for your vacation rental? Create blog posts with the latest airfare deals to your city.
  • Do you run a newsletter program? Either send guests your blog post via email or add the latest airfare deals into a targeted email promotion with cheap airfare specials.
  • Using Hipmunk to help guests with airfare requests goes a long way in increase the word of mouth for increasing rental bookings. Sending them the link to discount results and highlight the top valued flights.

Great hospitality service generally means you treat people well with a humanized touch; travelers will appreciate that and speak highly of you.

Supercharge Your Bookings With Property Advertisements…

Whistler Cabin RentalIf you have a personal website and know how to advertise using Google Adwords or Facebook Ads, creating targeted ads with flight specials is a great way to promote your property listing. Make sure the advertisement connects to a page that is optimized with property and resort information such as things to do in or around the destination. For instance, Whistler owners might want to connect the ad to a “Things to Do in Whistler” page.

Whether you actively advertise your property or provide a great property rental experience, leveraging the research of cheap flights for your vacation rental destination is a great way to attract more potential guests and increase your vacation property bookings.

What other local travel information or travel related questions do you help your guests out with?

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