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How Creating an Easy To Read Vacation Property Rental Listing Increases Bookings

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One of the most common mistakes vacation rental owners make in optimizing their property rental listing is to create a readable property listing as opposed to a skimmable one. Owners who make this mistake, always seem to have one common element when it comes to their property description; too many paragraphs. Whether it’s one or four paragraphs, travelers want to get the necessary information fast without a lot of reading. Travelers looking to make a reservation on vacation rental websites want to be able to consume key facts, fast and easily.

Answer Questions QuicklyTravelers look at multiple vacation rental properties before deciding on an appropriate one that suits their travel needs. A typical traveler spend approximately 8-10 minutes per visit on travel booking sites, whether its hotels or vacation property rentals.

This includes the time to complete a transaction.

On alluraDirect, travelers spend an average of 1:10 minutes on a property page. That includes briefly looking at the description and property photos before either leaving to look at another listing or proceeding to make a reservation. This clearly indicates that vacation rental owners with property descriptions that are set up to be skimmed will have more success with bookings than those that create readable property descriptions.

To help with improving your vacation property description, we’ve compiled a list of tips that will not only help with skimming the property description, but also optimize the overall performance of your property listing.

1. Use Professional Photography Images of your Property.

Camera ShotAs one of our travelers pointed out on our Facebook Page, the more pictures the better. But it’s true! For travelers, ‘pictures speak louder than words’ when it comes to booking a vacation property rental.

Large photos and detailed descriptions of each photo are also highly recommended to highlight both your amenities and strengths in each room.

2. Keep Your Property Description Concise.

We recommend keeping your property descriptions to a maximum of two to three paragraphs highlighting the most important things about your property that travelers would be attracted to. For instance, the location, distance away from local landmarks (Ex. Whistler Blackcomb Village, Grocery Stores, etc), transit options, number of rooms, and if the property is ski-in/ski-out (ski resorts only).

3. Use Bullets & Lists to Highlight Information.

It’s important to mention or list as many property amenities as possible for anyone interested in booking a vacation rental. But don’t list them in a long run-on sentence or paragraph. The most effective way to gain interest in your vacation rental property is to create a list that is easily skimmable.

Bulleted lists for travelers are a dream come true because they are quick snippets of text that easily digestible, to the point, and highly effective in conveying the necessary communication.

4. Create Strong Clear Titles and Headlines.

A tendency with some owners is to create a property listing that just uses their own name. However, using your name is irrelevant in a property listing title to the majority of travelers interested in learning more about your property. All titles or sub-headlines in vacation property listings should clearly convey the important highlights of the property such as, “3-Bedroom Mountainside Condo with Hot-Tub and Ski-In/Ski-Out.

5. Bold, Italics, and Underlines.

Really, this tip goes without saying as using bold, underlined or italic fonts is a good way to highlight important features. However, it should be mentioned not to go crazy with inserting bold, underline, or italic words. Too much can come across a little desperate to some people and chase them away from your vacation rental.

Also, it’s highly recommended to avoid using too many color highlights in your text as it’s another annoyance to travelers looking just to read a property description without something disrupting the readability of your listing.

Bullets and ListsThese are just are five tips that we recommend to help owners optimize their vacation property listing. Do you have any other suggestions that have helped you optimize your property listing as a vacation rental owner?

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