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Tips To Get More Vacation Property Rentals With Detailed Descriptions

Filling In A Property Description

When a property owner signs up on to a vacation rental service to list their property for short-term or long-term vacation rentals, sometimes the first thought is, “Great, now I’ll receive reservations to subsidize my investment.” To an extent, this is true. However, most vacation rental service sites have hundreds, thousands, if not, millions of accommodations listed. Your property may be on the first page of 50 or tenth page of 400.

How are you going to get more bookings and make your property standout amongst your fellow renters that are also interested in getting the guests reservations?

Property Owner Tip: More Details = More Bookings…

Beyond just the rental service that you select, there are things you can do as a property owner that can have a big impact on the number of inquiries or reservations you receive. For instance, the first few sentences in the description of your property can tell a guest a lot about the property, you as an owner, and the location that their looking at. The more thorough or detailed a property description, the more a Guest will be interested. Keep in mind, what you write in a property description is also the first step in developing trust or comfort with the potential Guest.

Here are some tips that you can do to attract more reservations on your vacation rental home.

Detailed Property DescriptionsWrite something about the specific location or resort as well as the property in the first paragraph. The latest trend in travel is the desire to live like a local. That trend has put more of an emphasis on Guests choosing location first, accommodation second. Be sure to highlight what is around you, such as services, restaurants, and/ or attractions that people inquire a lot.

With mountain resorts, a common question that a lot of Guests ask for is Ski-in / Ski-out.

Photo’s Help People Commit to Certain Properties…

Pictures tell a lot about your vacation home. Not only are professional photos a great benefit to attracting Guests, but detailed and descriptive captions for each photo are a great way to describe an area in the house or yard. Perhaps you have a unique item or thing in this room that a traveler could take advantage. Be sure to include such things that travelers can take advantage of!

People looking to rent a vacation home, whether it is in Whistler or elsewhere, are doing it for a reason. They either don’t want to pay the higher costs for a large reservation in a hotel or they are not interested in staying at a hotel for a lack of personable service. Vacation rentals are a more comfortable and intimate experience for most people where they are renting from a person, not a company. Don’t write or act like a company, because people want to be reassured that you exist and can be trusted upon as an owner. Give your descriptions a “human voice” and personalize it by using ‘I’ and ‘We’ in your copy.

Be Helpful When It Comes to Listing Property Amenities…

Vacation Home Property Description

Detailed Property Amenities Listings.

Do you receive a lot of general inquiries looking for a specific amenity? Even though all vacation rental service give you an area for amenities, creating a list of the most asked about features or amenities in your description can help the Guests find what they’re looking for easier. Bullet points or lists are a great way for Guests to digest important content.

In the USA, Virgin America is regarded as one of the best airlines to fly. Why? It’s not because of their prices, in fact, they’re one of the most expensive. It’s because of their customer service experience and desires to put a human element behind your experience when you fly with them. Rather than providing the same pre-safety routine that all airlines must give, they provide a safety video that either makes fun of the number of times you sat through a pre-safety routine or how you perform such activities in the course of an emergency.

They still get the importance of the safety message across to their Guests, but they do so by providing humor to the same boring process that millions sit through every day. That’s why showing your personality and providing some tasteful humour in your description can also go a long way to attract or establish trust with Guests.

Customization & Personalization Boosts Bookings…

Yes, vacation rental service companies provide the service of attracting reservations to your property, but there are things you can do to stand out over and beyond your fellow renters.

Rental Booking SuccessTaking the time to customize and personalize your description for different types of travelers goes a long way to establishing the initial trust and attraction of potential Guests. Don’t assume that because you’ve paid to be on a vacation rental service that you’re done. You too need to provide a hospitality service that stands out above the rest!

Are you a traveler? What kinds of things do you look for in property descriptions? Owners, have you found any strategies that work in your descriptions to attract guests?

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