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The Trudeaus in Whistler

Who are we? (No, we’re not the Trudeau’s but we thought the pic was pretty cool ~ that’s them in Whistler a little while ago…photo courtesy of the Whistler Museum and Archives.)

We’re alluraDirect.com and we make your vacation rentals a pretty great experience.

Our site was built so that owners of the best vacation properties in Whistler and all over BC could have a place that they could safely market their rental homes.

Not only do we connect guests directly to our owners, we make sure that ALL of our owners are legally permitted to rent the property they advertise. You know why don’t you? Yep, there are some nefarious peeps out there who are looking to make a buck from the misfortune of others.

That can’t happen with alluraDirect.com because we have a rigorous application process. If you see a listing on our site, you can be 100% confident that it’s legit!

We’ve also been around for a while. Since 1997 in fact. Even before any of this stuff was done online our founder, Sue Chappel, was advertising on the message boards at Nester’s Market. She’s been putting home owners with great guests for over 17 years!

Nowadays the task is a bit easier but we haven’t forgotten the most important thing: customer service. The staff are locals who can help you with every part of your vacation planning or vacation rental business and this blog has lots of helpful hints for both owners and guests.

If you want to see something here that you think would be really helpful, don’t hesitate to drop us a note here. We’d love to hear your feedback!