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5 Family Day Activities at Whistler Olympic Park

Whistler Olympic Park

Family Day in Whistler continues to grow with fantastic activities for the whole family at 50% year off! Yes, Whistler Olympic Park is also joining in on the BC’s Family Day Promotion for families to enjoy discounted ski or snowshoe passes on the legacy course left behind from the 2010 Winter Olympic Games. While Whistler Blackcomb is typically the venue that gets all the attention from skiers and boarders, Whistler’s Olympic Park is a perfect opportunity to take in new winter activities as a family such as snowshoeing, cross country skiing, tobogganing, and the adventurous activity of biathlon.

Located south-west of Whistler, the Whistler Olympic Park is the perfect opportunity to enjoy family day as a family and expose your kids to new winter and ski activities.

BC Family Day Special.

  • 50% off ski and showshoeing day tickets purchased at the gate on Monday, February 11th
  • Family Day Long Weekend Hours of Operation
  • Weekdays 9:00 – 4:30pm
  • Weekends/Holidays 8:30-4:30pm

Spending Family Day at Whistler Olympic Park.

Classic Cross-Country Skiing in Whistler

Whistler Cross Country Skiing at Whistler Olympic ParkCross-Country skiing is not only a fun activity to enjoy as a family; it’s one of the more affordable family skiing activities in Whistler at $56 for the whole family! On BC’s first Family Day on Monday, February 11th, the price drops to $28 for the day. Nordic skiing, as cross-country skiing is also referred to, is one of the best endurance workouts any skier or non-skier could enjoy.

For beginners, you can purchase 1.5hr lessons and rentals for $49 and stick to a flat 3.8km Neverland trail that allows skiers the opportunity to explore the Olympic cross-country, biathlon, and ski jumping facilities. The Whistler Olympic Park even has dog friendly trails for your four-legged family members to explore!

Whistler Skate Skiing.

Skate Skiing in Whistler Olympic ParkAre you asking the same as us…? What the heck is skate skiing?! Well, it’s certainly a cross-country skiing technique that is meant for the fit families or people! Athletes such as cyclists, runners, and other aerobic athletes use skate skiing as a training alternative to their regular training routines.

Skate skiing is a faster form of Nordic skiing that resembles the motions of ice hockey skating or speed skating techniques. Needless to say, your thighs and legs will likely burn after this intense and joyful outdoor activity.

Similar to Cross-Country skiing, new participants to skate skiing can also purchase lesson and rental package for $49

Snowshoeing in Whistler Olympic Park.

Snowshoeing in Whistler

In Canada, snowshoeing has deep historic roots amongst the First Nations people and original settlers who used snowshoes as a form of transportation to get around in the frigid winters. In recent years, snowshoeing is making a comeback amongst the outdoor enthusiasts with the improve design and construction in snowshoes.

Whistler Olympic Park has over 20km of snowshoe trails that provide novice trails, scenic lookouts, picnic shelters, and energy pumping climbs into the alpine forests. Some of the snowshoe trails are even dog friendly! With 50% off the snowshoe day pass on family day, how can you deny your family of such a great workout?!

Day Admission Pricing for Snowshoeing at Whistler Olympic Park.

Adults: $14.
Youth: $7.
Family: $31.

Note: Pricing does not reflect the Family Day Promotion of 50% off. To receive the 50% off Family Day rate, you must purchase your snowshoe pass on the day of at the game.

Tobogganing at Whistler Olympic Park.

Toboganing in WhistlerAlways a perfect activity for Family Day, tobogganing at Whistler Olympic Park is extremely affordable and is always a great time amongst all the kids and parents. If your children don’t have a sled, toboggans and helmets are available to rent for $20 for the day.

At 100m in length, your kids will have a blast flying down the hill on the sleds.

Explore Biathlon at Whistler Olympic Park.

Biathlon in Whistler Olympic Park

Biathlon, a combination of skate skiing and rifle marksmanship, is one of the more exciting Olympic cross-country spectator sports. It’s also one of the more challenging and perhaps, more thrilling winter activities that give participants a rush. Biathlon, as a sport, is extremely popular in Europe requiring athletes to ski fast and have accurate shooting skills.

At the Whistler Olympic Park, families can explore biathlon in skate or classic cross-country ski formats with lessons and rentals for $69. Biathlon is open to anyone 13 years of age and older.

Note: A valid trail pass is required to participant in the lesson.

Family Day has proven to be very popular in Whistler and it’s expected to be a very busy weekend with the end of WinterPRIDE as well. Escaping Whistler Village or Whistler Blackcomb on the Monday morning may be the perfect opportunity to explore the Callaghan Valley and the family ski activities at the Whistler Olympic Park. With a Family Day promotion of 50% off at Whistle Olympic Park, you can’t go wrong!

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